Meet the Sisters behind LSJ

Meet the Sisters behind LSJ

Meet the Sisters behind LSJ

Jen | Co-Founder & CEO Julia | Co-Founder & VP of Operations

By: Helen Woolard

Insta-chic and confidence-absorbing, La Señorita Jolie has inspired many women on the world wide web. Co-founders and sisters Jen and Julia Dixon launched LSJ in the Fall of 2014. Their goal is to spread the message behind La Señorita Jolie, which translates to “A beautiful girl.” Together, these women tell Helen Woolard the secrets to fashion, LSJ and the family business.

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JEN DIXON | Co-Founder & CEO
Fashion DO: Be confident, smile and stand up straight. The way you carry yourself affects the way your clothes look.
Fashion Don’t: Never wear something you are uncomfortable in or don't feel great in only because it's trendy.
Go-to outfit: Our Winnie Acid -Wash Leggings, Graphic T, Jackie O Jacket, our Martini Earrings, Toms or over the knee boots & our "Silver Threads" necklace.
Dream model for LSJ clothes: Sienna Miller


HW: How did you get into the fashion industry?
JEN: I became fascinated with NY fashion on family holidays and as it as the fashion capitol of the world. Our dad is an entrepreneur and we were around his textile plants and clothing from a very young age. I always wanted to get into fashion so when I moved to NY in 2000, my roommate asked me to co-found a women's contemporary wholesale business and we sold to boutiques and department stores around the world from 2006-2013.

HW: How would you say NYC fashion is different from Clt?
JEN: NYC there is more black in the everyone's wardrobe and as a rule women are more fashion forward.

HW: Where do you find inspiration in your clothes?
JEN: All around! I love to travel and I love taking photos that I reference for inspiration.

HW: What does the family business mean for you two?
JEN: Having a family reminds me what life is all about and to not sweat the small stuff. Our company culture is very much like that of a family - strong loyalty, support and encouragement. It's great working with my sister - she's smart, fun and has a different skill set than I do. Who can you trust more than your own sister? Building a business together is a dream come true!

HW: What skills are important for a career in fashion and retail?
JEN: I think being adaptable, a passion for fashion and a will to learn. Seeing a trend before it's a trend is also important and realizing that the brand must evolve but not to change your core.

HW: How do you stay on top of trends?
JEN: I love French Vogue, following international bloggers and tastemakers, LA and NY Street-Style. So many Magazine Editors and models have such amazing style because they have access to see so much.

HW: How do you think trends start?
JEN: I think a lot of trends still come from Paris - color, silhouettes, etc. We are influenced so much by social media - it's amazing how quickly information gets across the world now.

HW: How would you describe your shoppers?
JEN: We have women who love LSJ that are in their 20s through their 70s that love LSJ so I won't put an age limit. A woman who values comfort and wants versatile pieces that work well for any stage of life and can be worn around the world. She doesn't want to spend a fortune but she wants quality and is willing to pay more to get it. Our customers also love the free perk of working with our LSJ Stylists!

HW: What does your typical day look like?

JEN: I start the morning meditating then I write down how I visualize the day and things I am grateful for "today". There would be meetings, email correspondence and several hours on the phone talking to existing Stylists or future Stylists.  I am creating content, working on our next collection, marketing collaborations or promotions and researching what's going on out there. The end of my day involves a workout and doing another hour or two of work.

HW: What is your policy on unhappy customers?

JEN: We use every opportunity to take an unhappy customer's experience to 1) learn from it and make sure if it was a problem on our end that we have steps to ensure it doesn't happen again and 2) go above and beyond to make it up to this customer so that they are happy and will come back and give us another shot.

HW: Where do you see LSJ in 5 years?

JEN: I see us doing what we are doing now with an expanded product line and over 1,000 Sales Reps otherwise known as stylists. I envision more and more success stories from our Stylistis on "why" joining LSJ has been one of the best decisions of their life. When our Stylists feel they have succeeded and accomplished their goals, that makes me happy!

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JULIA DIXON | Co-Founder & VP of Operations
Go-to outfit: The Courtney tank with the Carolina wrap, jeans, sneaker wedges, the Luna hoops in silver & the Silver Threads
Most embarrassing outfit: I went through the huge baggy t- shirt with Nike shorts or leggings phase during college. it was just not a good look for me HA!
Dream model for LSJ clothes: Courtney kerr
How do you wear confidence: stand up straight & smile


HW: How did you get into the fashion industry?
JULIA: I never expected to be in the fashion industry but always had a great time helping Jen with her past clothing line in NYC. I styled a shoot for them one time while I was in college and thought it was so much fun. I have a passion for shopping and figuring out how to make cute outfits with different pieces of clothing. I love seeing the fashion trends each season and how different styles continue to come back.

HW: What does the family business mean for you?
JULIA:Having a family business is a 24/7 job. You can't ever really go home or vacation and not be thinking about it. There is a whole layer of support and loyalty, which is something you can't put a price on.

HW: What does your typical day look like?
JULIA: I wake up check my emails while still in bed. I usually get up and take my dog Bella out on a short walk to get the day started! I spend a lot of the day doing invoices and several times a month meet with our bookkeeper. I make sure our stock is up to date as well because inventory changes daily. I try to work out three to four times a week at orange theory or walk on the rail trail. My day usually ends with Netflix and some quiet time to get ready for the next day!

HW: What skills are important for a career in fashion and retail?
JULIA: Staying true to your brand is important but also being able to incorporate new trends in a way that makes sense to your customer base. Listening to your customer and hearing what they want to wear.

HW: Where do you find inspiration in your clothes?
JULIA:  I love following bloggers on Instagram and just browsing my search page for cute outfits from different people and companies. I used to be big into magazines but honestly Instagram and blogs have replaced magazines for me in the past few years.

HW: What would you say to other sisters out there wanting to start a business together?
JULIA: Go for it! It's a great experience and if you get along as sisters, it should be seamless as business partners!

HW: Where do you see the future of shopping? All online?
JULIA: I wonder about this pretty frequently because I do most of my shopping online now when I need something other than LSJ. I think the idea of more direct sales is so great because it has the convenience of online shopping but you also get to interact with a friend as your own personal shopper!

HW: What is your policy on unhappy customers?
JULIA: The customer is always right ha!

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Photography by: Helen Woolard, Visuals by Helen



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