LSJ is a Family Affair [Part 2]

LSJ is a Family Affair [Part 2]


LSJ is a Family Affair [Part II]

We wrote last week but we feel like this featured photo shoot deserves a sequel.
We’re going to say it again— we’re proud to have a family friendly clothing line. After all, a family that styles together, stays together… or did we make that up?


LSJ Host and Customer, Ruth Schader (in the Wine Egypt dress) she plays with her grandchildren and her daughter who is also  LSJ Senior Stylist, Erin Bryner in Antelope, OR. (in the blue Charlotte top).

By Helen Woolard on May 24

We hate being redundant so we’ll give you the concise version of what’s going on here: A bunch of LSJ ladies met up in Columbus, Ohio and decided to do a professional photo shoot with photographer Samantha Rickman to feature La Senorita Jolie’s most popular and new clothes being worn by an array of beautiful women. Each photo showcases how you can be four years old or four decades old and you’ll still look gorgeous in our line. Age is just a number. Confidence is worth a million bucks.

With this collection of photos, we’re doing a double whammy. Each photo offers two perspectives of the same outfit so you can see how the body hugs our clothes and we hug them back!

Interested in becoming your own boss? We welcome new LSJ representatives across the United States! E-mail owner Jen Dixon at to learn more.


LSJ Host and Customer, Ruth Schader wears Georgia Clay Montana top.

LSJ Host and Customer, Ruth Schader wears Sage green Ali top and Navy Blue Winnie Leggings.

LSJ Senior Stylist Patti Carey with her niece and LSJ Senior Stylist, Erin Bryner wear the Jackie O Khaki jacket.

LSJ Senior Stylist Erin Bryner- Antelope, OR wears our Blue Titian Diane sweater.

LSJ Senior Stylist Patti Carey- Columbus, OH wears our Black Heidi dress two ways! On the right is our Winnie Spring Leggings.

Peace out ladies.
[Thanks for reading.]

Photography by: Samantha Rickman



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