A Day in the life of the CEO: California Edition

A Day in the life of the CEO: California Edition


A Day in the Life of the CEO: California Edition

So when you hear the word CEO, do you ever wonder what they do? Is it all desk work, phone calls and meetings?
Jennifer Dixon, the CEO of LSJ, gives the low-down of what it’s like to be the boss by telling about her experience promoting LSJ in California last month. Jennifer likes to be on the go (with IPhone in hand!) and spending time (in person or virtually) with Stylists and Customers is a top priority.



LSJ ‘s CEO, Jennifer Dixon reps her company by wearing (Janessa).

By Helen Woolard on June 02

Jennifer went to Southern California with her sister + Co-Founder Julia (Friday, April 28th - Monday, May 1st) with the mission to promote LSJ to independent and entrepreneurial women looking to sell clothes for a living. She tells of her experience by giving us their schedule of the three-day trip. Jennifer and Julia didn’t waste a minute because their agenda was jam-packed full of LSJ tasks. See for yourself:

1.) We had EARLY flight out, got in and rented a car to head to SoCal (Lakewood, CA).
2.) Quick Mexican fix for lunch!
3.) Lakewood Opportunity Event-
Senior Stylist Cathie Easley organized the two day event! It was a chance for women in Southern California to learn more about the LSJ opportunity and to meet the founders...and Shop! Veronica Moy decided to join LSJ Friday night and became a NEW Stylist! Veronica has her launch party coming up this week!
4.) We headed to Newport Beach (an hour away) for beauty sleep at (Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa ).

L to R: Cathie Easley, our newest stylist Veronica Moy, Julia Dixon and Karly Delatorre (June Host and Customer).

Jennifer Dixon, CEO, talks up LSJ to women at Cathie Easley’s show.


1.) We were up early to get a little exercise in (and coffee) before our morning Lakewood Opportunity Event with Cathie Easley and other women. Huge thanks to Cathie's precious daughters (Myla and Zora) for helping set up both the shows. I loved seeing how much the girls admired their mom - they were emulating her, wanting to help set up, style clothing, "be their own boss" and dress up!
2.) After wrapping up another successful event, we headed to Newport Beach for a quick bite at Ruby’s Diner (Can you say fries, shakes and burgers by the beach YES) and re-group before the evening trunk show!
3.) Senior Stylist Suzi Weber has her FIRST show in California, since moving from NC back to her home town. Such a fun night! It was wonderful seeing Suzi, meet her fabulous customers and help her get her West Coast Business set up.
See for yourself with these photos:



1.) Morning in Newport - soak in some sun before riding into LA!
2.) Head to the Soho House in LA for the afternoon and dinner to spend some time with long-time friends from New York. I also spent some time getting caught up on what I missed in the office remotely and do prep for the week ahead.


1.) Touch base with HQ to see if they need me before taking off for CLT, get some work in while soaking in some sun for a couple hours, before we say goodbye to LA for now!


We’re going to leave you with this throw-back song because it’s all we can think about after such a wonderful trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Asiyu-wnYOo


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