Freedom Park is Indeed Free

Freedom Park is Indeed Free


Freedom Park is Indeed FREE

Charlotte’s beautiful park is full of photo opportunities.
We combined our newest summer favorites, a history of
Freedom Park AND mother nature so you could have
pretty photos to look at and learn something while you’re at it.


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L to R: Julia wears Adrienne top and Jennifer wears the LSJ Janessa top in coral.

By Helen Woolard on June 16

The Co-owners (and literal sisters) Jennifer and Julia Dixon of LSJ decided to take their Summer clothing photo shoot to Charlotte’s renowned Freedom Park. This park is home to a beautiful 7-acre pond with your usual ducks and geese, a state-of-the-art pavilion, historic oak trees, bike paths, and my favorite part—a suspension bridge over the adjacent Little Sugar Creek. All of this 98-acre city-side luxury is made possible by a few events that occurred after World War II. The Mecklenburg County Lions Club raised private money to build a park to honor veterans and named it Freedom Park. In 1949, the land was deeded to the City of Charlotte. For all you nature, history, and exercise lovers out there, we highly recommend this colorful spot in our city.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.32.14 PM.png
Laughing is the best remedy. Julia and Jen Dixon enjoy working side by side in their exclusive roles.

Julia wears the Black Savannah top. Black is a beauty because you can dress it down for daywear or dress it up as a flirty top for town!

Jennifer wears the Janessa top with LSJ delicates. She loves how this shirt allows her to bare her shoulders —perfect for a hot Summer day! 3.jpg
Julia wears the Heidi dress (it’s a dress version of our Janessa top) Again with the black. This hot dress can be worn for grocery shopping or a date night in town!

Jennifer wears this flirty off-the-shoulder Gidget top. The zig-zag design captures your eye from far away.

Blue is for breathtaking as Julia wears the Heather top.

This light summer tank Adrienne top is a playful top perfect for a trip to the park!

Okay, fringes, need we say more? This brown Phoebe skirt is a H E A D - T U R N E R. This is the Janessa top  worn with the sleeves tucked in - yet another way to wear this best-seller.

Julia asked the photographer if she looked like a bumblebee haha! She’s way cooler and vibrant than a bee with this yellow Laura top and edgy Mallorca Mesh earrings. The Victoria necklace layers perfectly with the top and earrings to complete the look.

Earthy colors your thing? The Gidget top in this vintage brown & white print is perfect for you!

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.33.10 PM.png
A photographer friend even told us she photographs at least six proposals a year at this picturesque lake. We get why!


Thanks so much for reading with us today. If you have any questions about our clothing, please feel free to give us a call at +1.980.237.4725. We’d love to talk with you.  




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