Destination Edition: LSJ takes NYC

Destination Edition: LSJ takes NYC


Destination Edition: LSJ takes NYC

CEO Jennifer Dixon and Executive Stylist Caranna O’Melveny
went up to Big Apple last week to meet with some of LSJ’s local
stylists and they wanted to share their trip with you.


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The New York City Skyline.

By Helen Woolard on July 5, 2017

New York City has the tendency to surprise you—like its modern beauty, the skyscrapers that never end, or maybe the flood of yellow cabs in the streets. Everywhere you turn is something interesting to look at. Jennifer and Caranna went to the city to spread LSJ vibes, meet with stylists (old and new) and indulge in a wanderlust journey! Here’s five fun facts about NYC that they learned along the way:

1. Honking your horn is actually illegal in NYC (except for emergencies) but everyone does it anyway.
2. In 1789, NYC became the first capital of the U.S.—but this only lasted for one year.
3. NYC doesn’t have ANY Walmarts! (More room for LSJ Stylists yay!)
4. New Yorkers drink 7 times more coffee than rest of America… Of course, Jennifer and Caranna drank a lot of bean water to stay alert in the busy town.
5. The Empire State Building has its own zip code. It’s 10118 in case you want to mail a postcard
to one of the 21,000 employees that work in the building each day.


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CEO Jennifer Dixon and Executive Stylist Caranna O'Melveny went up to the city last week to meet with some of LSJ’s local Stylists as well as Style Director Amanda Frantz (pictured in middle). Amanda hosted a trunk show where they welcomed their first male stylist! (See below).


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CEO Jennifer Dixon, Executive Stylist Caranna O'Melveny, and Style Director Amanda Frantz welcomed Anthony Edwards (far left) to the LSJ team!

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Three Senoritas in NYC | Senior Stylist Dasha Feuerstein, Executive Stylist Caranna O'Melveny and CEO Jennifer Dixon have dinner at the Soho House—but started with drinks on rooftops. No photography was allowed at this stunning rooftop location but of course they broke the rules a little bit. (And yes….Jennifer and Dasha are both wearing the white Savannah top!)

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 9.36.00 AM.png
Here’s a pretty photo that they obviously did not take, but it shows the nighttime essence that is SoHo House.

unnamed (6).jpg

The Brief:

Friday: Jennifer and Caranna went to the Whitney Museum in downtown - amazing view! Met one of Jennifer’s friends for coffee—Heather Parsons was a first hire at a previous company that Jennifer worked at. Dinner at SoHo house with Dasha Feurstein and Caranna.

Saturday:  Jennifer and Caranna had breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel and then took a train ride out to Westport, Connecticut to have lunch with one of Jennifer’s friends from New York. Saturday night they had dinner in Brooklyn at an oyster bar called Maison Premiere.

Sunday: Trunk show with our stylists Amanda Frantz. We also brought in our first male stylist, Anthony Edwards.

Until next time, NYC!

Thanks so much for reading with us today. If you have any questions about our trip,
clothing, or stylists, please feel free to give us a call at +1.980.237.4725.
We’d love to talk with you.  





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